5 Ways to Shop Small Virtually in 2020

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The year 2020 has been quite a wild ride and it unfortunately has not made it very easy for small businesses to cater to their markets since most of they market is staying at home. That's why, here at Furever Home Friends, we thought it would be a good idea to share with you some small businesses that are selling their products virtually so that you can help support them as a business from the comforts of your own home!

Supporting small businesses around the holidays is a great way to help someone out while getting a creative, fun gift for your loved ones that will mean so much more than buying something generic from a large distributor. We have put together a list of some small business that have to do with books, games, dogs and best of all, they are all hand made products so you will know that someone put their heart and soul into this product.

1. Browse About Books 

a storefront of a book shop

(photo credit Susan Thornberg) 

Founded by the Crane family in 1975, Browseabout Books has expanded and reinvented itself many times while evolving into one of the nation's top independent bookstores. Browseabout is known not only for books, but a fantastic selection of toys, stationery, and unique gifts. Browseabout is open 363 days a year.

This company is doing something really special this holiday season and are giving 15% of every sale to charity. They have a variety of charities to choose from and you can do it online as well. You just have to specify which one from their list at checkout. Get a book for someone and donate to charity at the same time. Now that sounds like a great deal!

2. The Riverside Woodshop

This company creates all sorts of wooden items that are so detailed and custom, its incredible! They make household items such as clocks or even custom table top gaming boards (such as Catan, Rummy, Euchre). They are definitely worth checking out if you are a board game addict like us!

3. Studio Vixen Art & Mind of Mollie Books

Here are some more amazing creators! The first one is Ginger from Studio Vixen Art and she does hand made stickers of a large variety. Most of them are animals as she is an avid lover of cats and other small, furry critters!

Photo taken from Studio Vixen Etsy Shop

 And then we have Molly's shop where she has started selling hand made book marks that feature characters from many beloved book series including IT by Stephen King, Wilder Girls by Rory Powers, and Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo just to name a few. Check out her shop and see if you can find a bookmark for someone you know this holiday season!

Photo taken from Mind of Mollie Etsy Shop

4. Tiny Tails Boutique

Jumping back over to our little furry friends, Tiny Tails Boutique makes adorable little handkerchief scarfs for dogs and cats and they are just so cute! You can get them customized to have names on them too.

Photo Courtesy of Tiny Tails Boutique

Now is the perfect time to help out all these small businesses and shop their products virtually. It is safer for you and the business if we social distance and make our purchases this way. Plus, you get to receive more mail and who doesn't get excited when a package arrives for them!

5. Happy Pawlidays Virtual Fair

This would be the perfect time to mention that we are having a visual event happening this weekend! It will be called the Happy Pawlidays Virtual Fair and we have teamed up with a bunch of other small businesses to show off our products and talk about our businesses. It will be similar to a Christmas Craft fair except virtual.

Join us in getting ready for Small Business Saturday with a YouTube livestream 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. on Saturday, November 21!

We hope to see you there and until next time, don't forget to support small businesses!

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