Cute Pets Celebrating Pride!

Posted by Erik McManus on

Happy Pride Month everyone! We are super excited to have this month to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and all the people in it. And our pups want to celebrate too by showing off their pride! Get ready for some cuteness overload.

This black lab is ready to strut their stuff through the parade!


(Image by RubyThePuppy on reddit)

Then we have this well behaved cutie who is being very patient.

Here is Jasper and they sure are fabulous! Check out Jasper's Instagram to see more.

This pooch is part of the Woof the North movement which is an Instagram account of Canadian Dogs.

These two snuggle buddies are taking a nap after a long day at the parade! Check out their Instagram account for more of their shenanigans.

Look at this little adorable hedgehog named Evie representing with their pride tent and trans flag! You can follow them on Instagram at @ahedgehogcalledevie.

We also recently came out with some new merchandise to celebrate pride!! They are T-shirts and we have lots in stock. Click on the images below to go to their product pages.

Anyways, we hope we filled your day with some love and joy for pride month! If you have any pics of your pets celebrating pride, comment down below because we would love to see them!




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