10 Christmas Gifts for Rescue Dog People

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I'm sure that if you are reading this, then you are probably a dog lover. And if you are not, I'm sure you know someone that is and why wouldn't they be? Dogs are our best friends!

We put together a list of things to get your friends who have rescue dogs or things for yourself to show off your love of your precious pooch. Hopefully, you find some goodies in here and support a small business!

1. Custom T-Shirts

Lots of stores on Etsy sell fun t-shirts that have something to do with dogs. This one in particular speaks to my soul as I know that I always want to pet all the dogs I see. You can find this design at MEcustomdesign.

2. Candles

If any of you have ever smelt a dog fart then you know that this candle is essential. No matter where your dog came from, when they eat a big helping of food and pass that gas, it is STINKY! So light up this fun dog themed candle to get rid of that nasty fart smell.


Any readers out there? These bookmarks are adorable and sport little dogs on them to show off your love for your animals where ever you go. I say this as a fellow bookworm knowing that I have my book with me at all times, so everyone will be seeing the bookmark! It's a fashion statement OKAY!

4. Rings

How about some fashionable rings for your fingers? This one would have been perfect for our previous post for Black Lab lovers but this ring is so cute as the dog wraps around your finger. 

5. Christmas Ornaments

Let's get festive and decorate our treat with pup ornaments to let everyone know that our dog is a big part of this family! They are customizable so you can get whichever name you would like on them and they will be the perfect addition to your tree.

6. Handmade Soap

How cute is this!? Little soaps that are shaped like digs. Now this will really send a message to your guests when they wash their hands at your house that you are the biggest of dog lovers!

7. Dog Toys

Why not treat the pup and get them a nice handmade dog toy! There are so many options to choose from for your game of tug of war and you can match the design of the toy to the decor of your house so it will fit in perfectly!

8. Dog Puzzle

This one is really fun! It's a puzzle for dogs and they get rewarded at the end when they figure it out. Basically, you hide a treat in the puzzle and the dog needs to try and figure out how to get to the treat. This will be amusing for the dog and for everyone watching the dog.

9. Make a Donation 

You could make a donation to the Humane Society in your friend's name! As someone who has already rescued an animal, I am sure they would be super happy to know that you are helping other animals find a good home and supporting something that is very special to them!

Of course, you could support a small business (that's us) and get one of our plushie + book collections to give your dog loving friends! They will be happy knowing that these books are all about rescue dogs and that some of your proceeds went to helping an animal shelter!

Whatever you decide, as long as your gift is coming from the heart, we are sure that your friends will be very grateful and know that you care for them a lot! We hope this list was helpful and wish you a happy Christmas season!


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