So, Your Kid Wants Santa to Bring a Dog...

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I think, at some point, in every child's life, they want Santa to bring them a dog for Christmas. I know I did when I was kid. In my case though, it was good old grandma to the rescue. And a dog isn't always affordable for every family because they can be quite expensive. So how do we foster that love for dogs without actually bringing one into the home?

Well, for starters (depending on how old the kids are), you could volunteer with them at an animal shelter to help teach them responsibility and help nurture a compassion for animals.

Humane Society Volunteering:

But if you were thinking of more gift ideas then you could get something dog related that is not quite as a much work as an actual dog. You could get them a dog related board game!

The game is for ages 8 and up and it helps feel like you own a dog while you go against other players to show how you care for dogs and essentially be the best one to take care of their dog.

Or if your kids are compassionate and want to care for the animals then you  could get then the Vet Kit where they can dress up and pretend to be Veterinarian's to help animals!
If you want to get a giant stuffed animal to fill in the void of the dog then get one of these Gentle Jumbo Dogs! They are perfect for cuddling and snuggling up to!
Do your kids have a little sass to them? Well this shirt would be perfect for them because it represents that sass and shows their love for dogs at the same time.
Of course, we couldn't give all of these recommendations without showing our own products too! We have a great collection of dog plushies and children's books written about rescue dogs that would be perfect for your kids! It teaches them about the dog rescue process and gives them a plushie to snuggle up with while you read the books together!
Visit our website to see all the collections we offer!

These are just some ideas and we hope that this helps. The love of dogs is something that we all share and we hope the love and care for these animals is nurtured in our younger generation!

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