6 Dog Movies For Every Dog Lover!

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We don't know about you but we have been watching a lot of movies lately since we are home a lot more. So we thought it would be fun to give some recommendations for dog movies to watch with your pooch! Let us know what you think of our list and if you have other recommendations, put them in the comments!

1. Marley & Me

This movie is a classic dog movie! It shows the journey of the dog and their family from a puppy all the way to an old pooch and it will warm your heart (it also might crush it so we are sorry in advance).

2. Homeward Bound

This movie is soooo good! It follows the journey of 3 family pets trying to find their family again after they are accidentally left at their old home. The trio travels through the wild to find their family and they have so many adventures together. The cat is especially sassy and we are here for it!

3. Snow Dogs

This movie was so fun! It is one of the few movies out there that feature Huskies and it's nice to see them getting some action in the dog movie world. It also gets pretty intense at parts (as intense as Disney can get) and this movie will definitely have you wanting to snuggle up in some blankets since its in Alaska.

4. Cats & Dogs

A movie about dogs and cats that are on opposing spy teams?!?!? Hell to the Yes. We watched this one when we were a kid and loved it so much! We are definitely team Dog but tell us what team you would root for? Are you secretly a cat lover.....its okay. We still love you.


5. Old Yeller

Now this one is going to get you crying so if you need a good cry then this movie is for you! It has highs and lows and it is definitely an older movie but worth the watch!

6. The Grinch


Now this one is in this list because the dog that was cast for Max was actually a rescue dog! Along with this being a Christmas classic, it features lots of fun scenes with Max and will have you laughing all the way through!

And that is it for our list! We hope you liked it. Have a fun time watching some of these fun pup loving movies.

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