10 Fun Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Dogs

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There are so many things that dogs do and have you ever wondered why? Well, we are bringing you some facts about dogs that we are sure some of you didn't know!

1. Dogs can smell you feelings!

Their sniffers are way better than ours (100,000 times stronger) and can notice a difference in you if you get afraid or upset. This is because these emotions cause you to perspire and even if it is just the slightest amount, your dogs will notice.

2. Dalmatians are born white.

They start out completely white and the spots form as they grow older.

(Image credit: https://imgur.com/gallery/Kj1DfMb/comment/28044559)

3. Dogs can sense magnetic fields.

This is why they take s long to find a spot to do their business. It is because they want to align their chosen spot as best they can with our planet's magnetic field.

4. Dogs have fingerprints!

The only exception is that its not on their paws....but on their nose! A dog's nose print is considered the same as a fingerprint for a human and each one is unique.

 5. Most shelter dogs and people's pets.

Most of the shelter dogs have or had previous owners and the reason they end up here is because they don't have proper identification. Make sure to get a collar with some dog tags for your pooch in case they ever get lost and end up in a shelter.

6. Dogs had an influence on Star Wars.

The race of the Ewok's were based off of George Lucas' dog. That is why they are small and furry with little noses.

7. Dogs smile. 

When they have an open mouth and are grinning, it indicates that they are relaxed and in a submissive state.

8. Dogs are not colour-blind.

Many people believe that dogs see in black and white but they also see in blue and yellow. They don't have red receptors in their eyes which means they can't see that color in the spectrum.

9. Some dogs have blue tongues.

There is a breed called Chow Chows that have blue pigmentation in the mouth and tongue which gives them blue tongues instead of the regular red/pinkish color.


(Photo credit: https://www.cesarsway.com/why-do-chow-chows-have-blue-tongues/)

10. Sunnee The Tramp

Walt Disney actually based Lady and the Tramp after his own dog Sunnee.

And that's it for our list! There are so many incredible facts about dogs out there and they are such fun creatures. We hope you had fun reading this and encourage you to comment with any dog facts that you know of!

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