5 Reasons Why We Love Pit Bulls

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Pit bulls have such a stigma of being big mean dogs and there are many reasons why people think this but today we want to talk about reasons why we love them to break that stigma/stereotype.

1. They are actually really sensitive.

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Pit Bulls have a very high sensitivity rating amongst the dog breeds which means that they are easily affected by things around them. They can become very happy or very sad based on actions taken to them which shows that they are actually big sweethearts and they have feelings too. This is why they are recommended for smaller households (1 to 2 people) because the chaos that comes with lots of kids can sometimes scare them or keep them on edge.

2. Very friendly.

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That being said, they are extremely good with strangers. They are often seen nuzzling up to friends and family with a wagging tail. The more receptive they are to other people does come from training but they are one of the more friendly breeds out there.

3. Easy to groom.


(photo from https://resources.bestfriends.org/)

Pit Bulls are a short haired dog breed so they are very easy to groom. A lot of other dogs are brush and go because they shed a lot but with a Pit Bull, you don't have to worry about that!

4. They are always playful!


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Pit Bulls are always a puppy at heart and always want to play. It can be really fun to take them to the dog park and just have a great old time with all the other dogs. They have a lot of energy and will always keep that smile on your face when you see them having fun!

5. They are adorable as puppies.


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Pretty much every breed of dog is cute as a puppy but we have a warm spot in our heart for Pit Bulls. They are just so freaking cute. How could you not take one home after looking at their little faces?

So those are our reasons why we love Pit Bulls! We even wrote some books with Pit Bulls as main characters! Feel free to check them out and support us if you want.

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Let us know if you have any favorite dog breeds you would like us to write about in the comments below!




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