Adoption Success Story: Hiro

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Guest post by Jennifer Riske
Meet Hiro! My son, Zachary, for his fifth birthday wanted a black cat to name “Hiro” after his favorite engine on Thomas and Friends. 
My husband and I found a few cats at the Windsor, ON Humane Society. We needed a cat that would be good with another cat and a dog and two very active kids. 
One beautiful black cat in particular caught our eye. We were concerned because she was missing a front leg. 
The weekend before Zacharys birthday, We got in the minivan and didn’t tell him where we were going. When we pulled in the parking lot, he had no idea. It wasn’t until we walked in and he heard barking and meowing did he know we were getting his present. He was so happy I thought he was going to cry. 
After looking at the black cats, Zachary was fascinated by the little three legged black cat. We met her and we were absolutely in love! This sweet kitty lost her leg after it was hurt when she was on the street. The Humane Society tried to save it, but couldn’t. We were concerned about her doing stairs in our house. The volunteer assured us she will do just fine and adapt. 
Hiro is a true hero. Zachary picked the best name for her. She runs fast, holds her own, and loves to hunt socks for us. Her biggest accomplishment was “hunting” a toddler winter boot from the basement. Hiro is the most loving and gentle cat I’ve ever seen. It pains me to think this sweet baby had such a hard life before she was in our family. 
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