5 Ways to Support Small Businesses Recovering from the Pandemic

Posted by Erik McManus on

Running a small business is hard! Let alone trying to continue to run one while the government is requiring businesses to close their storefronts since the pandemic started.

We wanted you to know that there are still ways to support us small business owners and help us continue to make a living. Check out these recommendations and also leave any more that you have in our comments section so that we can get this list even bigger!

1. Eat Take Out More

A lot of small businesses are in the food industry and all those small restaurants have all this food with no where to go. Let's help them out by ordering takeout! It's a win win. They still get to prepare that delicious food for you and you still get to enjoy it in the comfort of your home. Make sure to add a little extra on as a tip to show your appreciation to the people working hard in this pandemic to get that food to us! 

2. Buy Gift Cards or Credit

A lot of small businesses will offer gift cards and credit which you can buy now to help them supplement the money they are losing by not having customers in their stores. Plus it is a great way to continue shopping with small businesses even after the stores open back up since you will have gift cards and credit to them!

Canada Business Directory: https://www.canadaone.com/business/index.html

US Business Directory: https://usa.businessdirectory.cc/

3. Share on Social Media

Sharing on social media is a very easy thing for anyone to do and it helps out small businesses more than you think because it gets their business in front of eyes that otherwise may not have seen it. You are helping bring attention to their business and potential sales! 

4. Leave Reviews


Adding reviews to small business pages on Google help their Google search rankings which makes them more visible to more people. Google will want to share their page more because people are talking about it. Plus it will be a nice thing for the owner to see.

5. Help Them Get Funding


There are many grants out there that are available to small businesses and you can help them get them. You could mention them to the business owners or vote for them if it is a competition. Speaking of which, Fedex is hosting a competition for a grant right now and we are in the running! We would greatly appreciate it if you took the time to go and vote for us! You can vote once every 24 hrs!! Thank you in advance.

Vote here: https://smallbusinessgrant.fedex.com/entry/W2vFJVklVT?fbclid=IwAR0qG-c7NHUqG8JD_kcPFPuKUuEXtsq0fiUnlW9vEJbiZfqUsybQRESzzHs

And that is our list of ways to help! As we said, if you have more ways to help, let us know in the comments so we can continue to update the list and help small businesses succeed in these hard times!

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