How to Create an Easter Egg Hunt for Your Dog!

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Easter is upon us and we wanted to give you guys some tips for how to share the love of Easter with your pets. So what better way to do that than to throw them an Easter egg hunt!

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The first thing to do would be to choose a location! It should be somewhere nice and open so that the dogs have lots of room to explore. A big yard is perfect or if you can convince a dog park to host one, then that would be the best!

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Then you have to get some tasty treats! Now you need to make sure that they are strong smelling treats so that the dogs can find them even if they are in little plastic eggs. 

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It's best to keep the dogs on a leash too while you search for eggs with them. This will help them play in a controlled manner and you will be able to crack the eggs open for them to get to those treats. Their mouths will have so much drool hanging down from all the treats they will be sniffing out!

While you are at it, you might as well get your dog a little bunny outfit or some bunny ears to fully get into the spirit of Easter.

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For more Easter dog inspiration, check out this Pinterest Board full of great ideas!

Whatever you end up doing for your dog's Easter egg hunt, we hope they enjoy it and you get some good photos! Speaking of which, we would love for you to send us pics of your dogs dressed up for easter (could be as simple as bunny ears) and we will feature them in our next blog post! 

We will be looking forward to seeing what you send in! You can send the photos to

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