5 Places to Buy Homemade Dog Treats

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Our pups are very important to us and they deserve to be treated like the amazing cuddle monsters they are every once in a while so we want to make sure that we are feeding them quality treats! These 5 businesses have great homemade dog treats and we recommend them to all!


The sell all sorts of assorted dog treat boxes that actually look like cookies for humans. Even I am tempted to eat these, they look so delicious! They also offer a subscription box option to so that you can get them year round!

See shop here!

2. Beau's Bites 

These little treats are so cute and the perfect size for at home or even for travel. Bring a pouch of these on your walks and reward your little friend wherever you go. Careful pulling them out at the dog park though, you will have some dogs with their mouths watering watching you closely!

See shop here!

3. Porters Bakery

This bakery makes the most adorable dog treats we have ever seen! And they are called WOOFLES! How cut is that? They are little waffle shaped dog treats that come in little bins and are filled with delicious goodness for the pups!

See shop here!

4. WagWins

This company makes all sorts of dog treats but the one that we found most exciting is their cheesy dog popcorn! This bowl looks appetizing enough for us so you know the dogs are going to love it.

 5. La Barkeria


This little shop has the cutest name! They make all sorts of dog treats in all kinds of flavours. These ones actually look like dog treats/bones and I'm sure your dogs won't be too fussy about it. They will be busy licking their lips!

See shop here!

Hopefully this list will help you get some great new treats to spoil your best buddies! Let us know in the comments if you know of any other great places to get homemade treats!





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