Why We LOVE Black Labs & Mixed Breeds SO MUCH!

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We wanted to bring an adoption story to you for some good cheer on a Friday and so we interviewed a fellow dog lover named Jordan Dunn! He is a paramedic up in Northern Ontario, Canada and him and his fiancee adopted their dog Bella in September 2016. They have had so many new experiences being dog owners and are so happy that they gave her a new home!


So let's jump into some questions for them and see what they have to say!

What kind of dog is Bella?

Bella is a Newfoundland Labrador!

Where did you adopt Bella?

Leeds Grenville OSPCA in Brockville, Ontario, Canada.

What are some funny things that Bella does?

She escapes her leash at least once a month. She has become bonded to me (Jordan) because we were long distance in the beginning of our relationship so now whenever she wants to go outside, she will ignore Katie and walk past her to me to nudge my arm to take her outside.

How is Bella with other animals?

She is genuinely good with other animals although we just introduced a cat to our family that we adopted as well and she is taking time to adjust to no longer being an only child.

How has your experience been being a dog owner?

Bella is amazing and we love her so much. She does have some funny qualities to her that we think make her who she is!

  • She is a scaredy cat and is afraid of bugs.
  • She is almost the size of a bear yet she hides behind us at anything slightly frightening.
  • She barks at shadows, garbage bags, BBQ's because she thinks they are something ominous.
  • She is such a sweetheart though and will always be up for cuddles.
  • Her head is level with the counter so we have to watch where we put our food.
  • However, she is bad at sniffing out treats when we put them on the floor.
  • She also thinks she is human and will sleep with her head on the pillow when we aren't using it.
  • She will also get on the couch on top of you to get comfortable. She has no idea what personal space is.

Are you happy you adopted her?

Of course, we couldn't imagine life without her at this point. She has become a part of our family!


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