Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Dog Lovers!

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Valentine's Day is fast approaching and so it is time to start looking for a great gift for that special person. Luckily for you, we are here to help with some gift ideas....provided that they like dogs. Which they better, because dogs are awesome and we don't deserve them. Alright, moving on, before I start into my essay on why dogs are the best.

So, we have scoured the many different online shops that have some great goodies for dog lovers and these are the ones we hand picked as great gifts (as in we would want these ourselves).

1. Dog Jewelry

This adorable little charm bracelet is not too flashy but perfect to show your love for the little fur balls of your life. And the best part, it's less than $10! Pair this with some chocolate (not for the dog) and you have a winning gift.

See the shop here:

2. Dog Cards

These dog cards are so cute and would be perfect to pair with your gift! Plus they have puns on them and puns are always a win. Humour is such an important thing in a relationship!

Buy the cards here:

3. Dog Socks

OMG I need some of these now! This is a funny gift to give someone you care about. They can wear socks with their dogs face all over them. Now that is showing how much you love your dog!

You can buy these custom socks here:

4. Scrunchies


Believe it or not but scrunches are back in style! So why not show off your dog love with this custom scrunchie!! It has dogs wearing facemarks on it to promote being safe in the pandemic and its a great fashion accessory.

Get these scrunchies here:

5. Puppy Love Necklace

Of course, we have to show off our own merch as well!  Our Puppy Love necklace, with a charm created on a 3D printer and hand-painted in acrylic, is perfect to show that your dogs are always close to your heart!

Buy the necklace here: 

All of these gifts are great for dog lovers and we know that they will like them. We hope we could help you in your search for the perfect gift and have a Happy Valentines Day this weekend!!

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